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BIG KOMZY SOLUTIONS  is committed to the success and increased adoption of sustainable construction practices also known as “computerized Aided Design” practices throughout the industry. We believe CAD systems are not only good for the industry; they also provide immediate modernized long-term economic benefits for developers.

BIG KOMZY SOLUTIONS has extensive experience across a wide variety of sustainable projects, enabling us to create a detailed data bank of cost-effective materials, processes and suppliers to assist our clients. From our experience, the costs associated with these projects can be contained to a level comparable to traditionally constructed buildings. 



Our vision is to meet and satisfy the evolving needs of clients by providing quality and excellent services


Our mission is to continuously add value either through incremental changes to our system or via innovations and continuously improve the services we provide


Our objective is to provide our clients with an “I am assured” experience when we are chosen to execute their projects

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Our emphasis on clear communication and follow-through procedures ensures that the client objectives are top priority in the planning and execution of all our processes



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Just like our name, we find solutions for our client that best achieve goals. Personal attention to our clients as individual, is what distinguishes us

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